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Soap Flakes

Guardian Soap Flakes are made from palm kernel oil and coconut oil, do not contain perfume, colour, optical brightener or bleach, and is the "old-fashioned way" to care and maintain both leather and wood furniture. 1 cup of soap flakes (1 dl) is mixed in 5 litres of warm water (approx. 30°) and whisked until all the soap flakes are dissolved.


Apply the mixture with a soft lint-free cloth, lightly wrung, in a uniform thin layer in the grain direction of the wood and allow to dry. It is recommended that entire surfaces are always treated. Repeat the treatment if the wood does not appear saturated. When the wood is completely dry, if the wood has risen and become rough, sand lightly in the grain direction with fine sandpaper (220 grit). If treating solid worktops, the treatment should be applied to both the top and underside. Always test the product on a non-visible spot before use.
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