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Textile Cleaner

A unique cleaning agent used to remove stubborn water and oil-based stains and can be used on all types of textiles, including microfibre. The product can be used both indoors and outdoors and contains no bleach.


1) Always test the product in an inconspicuous place (colour fastness). 2) Always soak up as much of the spillage/stain as possible with a dry absorbent cloth before using Guardian Textile Cleaner. 3) Spray Guardian Textile Cleaner directly onto the stain and activate the cleaner with a soft brush or sponge. In some cases, a light foam will form. 4) Soak up the cleaner and the dirt/stain with an absorbent material (tea towel, paper towel or similar). If necessary, dry gently with a hairdryer and then vacuum. 5) To avoid stains, it is important that all Textile Cleaner is absorbed from the textile. 6) For difficult stains, repeat the above treatment. 7) When the textile is completely dry, it can be treated with Guardian Textile Protector.
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