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Laminate & Linoleum

Linoluem Soap

500 ml.

Specially developed to both clean and protect linoleum surfaces. Linoleum is a natural product that requires thorough and regular care to maintain its natural properties.

Product guide

Apply Guardian Linoleum Soap to the surface with a soft lint-free cloth in an even thin layer and let it "rest" for about 5 minutes. It is recommended that entire surfaces are always treated. Then wash the surface in circular motions with a soft, lint-free cloth wrung in clean water to create a light foam. Follow by wiping with a soft, lint-free cloth, hard-wrung in clean water and allow the surface to dry. It is recommended that furniture with linoleum surfaces be treated with Guardian Linoleum Soap 3-4 times a year. Shake the product before use. Always test the product on a non-visible spot before use.

Download safety data sheet


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