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Leather, Wood

Soap Flakes

300 gr.

Guardian Soap Flakes are made from palm kernel oil and coconut oil, do not contain perfume, colour, optical brightener or bleach, and is the "old-fashioned way" to care and maintain both leather and wood furniture. 1 cup of soap flakes (1 dl) is mixed in 5 litres of warm water (approx. 30°) and whisked until all the soap flakes are dissolved.

Product guide

Apply the mixture with a soft, lint-free cloth, lightly wrung, using massaging circular movements with light pressure - do not rub. It is important that the leather is evenly "wet" and that the entire surface is always treated, otherwise discolouration may occur. If the soap mixture leaves a matt film, polish with a dry, soft, lint-free cloth.

Download safety data sheet


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