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Wood Cleaner

500 ml.

Guardian Wood Cleaner (Guardian Wood Cleaner) is based on natural soaps and is specially developed for effective cleaning and degreasing of all unvarnished indoor wood surfaces.

Product guide

Guardian Wood Cleaner is mixed in clean lukewarm water in a 1:1 ratio. For very dirty furniture, it can be used in a concentrated form. Apply the product to the wood with a soft, lint-free cloth or a soft sponge in a thin, even layer in the grain direction of the wood with light pressure so that the cleaner foams. It is recommended that entire surfaces are always treated. Let the product/foam "rest" for approx. 5 minutes and then wipe with a soft, lint-free cloth wrung in clean water. When the wood is completely dry, if the wood has risen and become rough, sand lightly in the grain direction with fine sandpaper (220 grit). After using Guardian Wood Cleaner, the wood should be treated with wood soap, wax or oil. Shake the product before use. Always test the product on a non-visible spot before to use.

Download safety data sheet


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